Sulli k-pop star reportedly committed suicide at 25

South Korean pop star and actress Choi Jin Ri, who goes by the name Sulli was found dead on Monday.

Sulli was 25 years old, her manager found her body at her place near Seoul and then alerted the police about the incident.

The manager told the police that the superstar was suffering from depression. The police revealed that they assumed Sulli had committed suicide. The investigation did not find anything related to murder but also they did not find anything such as a suicide note.

Choi Jin Ri initially debuted as a child actress in 2005 and then later rose to fame in 2009 when she debuted as a member of a girl group band F(x), the band was under SM entertainment.

Sulli stopped her singing and her acting career in 2014 and said she was subjected to severe bullying online. This year she quit the band and started focusing on acting only.

Sulli had maintained her outspoken image and would talk about women’s rights this was one of the reasons she was most of the time subjected to cyberbullying. She was a close friend of Jonghyun who was a member of another K-pop boyband group and committed suicide in 2017.

Sulli death news took k-pop fans and internet by storm, fans are devastated at her death news, some are thanking her for her strong support towards feminism and some are complimenting her for the fight she put against harsh bullying from social media.

Fans are posting continuously for her to rest in peace and for others to learn the lesson of what difference their words can make.