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Student’s creativity surprises the professor in Japan

Eimi Haga, a 19-year-old fascinated kid, enrolled in her first year at the Mie University of Japan, is practicing Ninja; an early and conventional Japanese art of warfare. When she was little she was quite a more fascinated kid then. She learned something then, which she implemented today. It was some technique of ninja called “Aburidashi”, that involved using soybeans that were soaked for hours and then grind to form some sort of ink, more specifically some sort of invisible ink.

During a class of Ninja history at the university, the instructor gave the class a task of writing an essay about their visit to a Ninja Museum at Igaryu and those exhibiting any kind of creativeness will be getting higher marks.

 A student Name Emi Haga was actually creative and came up with an idea of utilizing her childhood learned technique “the Aburidashi”. She soaked soybeans, crushed them later after drying, then a mixture was made with water to get the invisible ink right in concentration. She used a fine brush and a good quality thin Japanese paper to write the content. The words became invisible, once they got dry. Then using the normal ink, she ended her essay with a note saying, ‘heat the paper’.

To her expectations and to instructor’s astonishment, the words actually came out clearly visible upon heating the paper on a gas stove. The professor got surprised and couldn’t resist giving her full marks. It was original. The teacher really appreciated and acknowledged her work.

Ms. Haga was assured of getting good scores, not because of what was written in the essay, but she knew that her effort will be recognized and must be appreciated. As far as the content is concerned, she herself admits that the content was just satisfactory, not much special, yet she didn’t worry about her scores in the essay. Her inventiveness gave her this confidence.

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