Sania mirza opens up about how wives get blamed for players bad performances
(Photo by Raajessh Kashyap/Hindustan Times via Getty Images)

Sania mirza the tennis player who despite being at the top of her own game has to deal with a number of challenges concerning the performances of her husband Shoaib Malik. She has to bear with the tags put on her such as distractions.

On Tuesday at the Indian economic summit, Sania addressed this issue as it needed much attention. She opened up about how the wives and the girlfriend of athletes have to go through the aftereffects of an athlete performs poorly, the partner has to go through a lot and is labeled such as distractions and diversion.

She further says “ that if Virat Kohli gives a zero performance or due to any reason doesn’t perform rightly Anushka Sharma is blamed right away, she says what does this has anything to do with it also it doesn’t make any sense”

She continued saying “ that many times including our own cricket team and many other teams,  the wives and the girlfriends are not allowed on the tours because they will cause a distraction to the player  “ she added that what does this mean? what is it that the women are doing that is causing so much distraction to the players?”

she further said” that instead of seeing women as a weakness or a distraction we must see her as a strength or that she can be a source of strength than we will be able to tackle such issue”

After she gave birth to her son Izhaan last year, Sania is planning to make a comeback in 2020