Samantha Markle in Middle of Police Investigation for Writing Questionable Statements Online

Half-sister to Meghan, Samantha Markle has been called in for an investigation by the US police. Recently Samantha has been posting hate comments and other questionable statements regarding the Duke and Duchess of Sussex. She has written several controversial messages regarding the royal couple on online platforms resulting in cyberbullying.

Complaints have been filed against the 54-year-old Samantha Markle from countries such as Canada, Sweden, and the UK but there is no clear evidence that can be used to identify as to whom has made the complaint.

The police officer in charge said that it will take some time to come to a decision as the whole process is lengthy and requires attention to detail because of it’s extensivity.

Such a reaction from the 54-year-old came after Meghan’s interview for the ITV documentary “Harry and Meghan: An African Journey” in which she was asked to comment on how she was coping with life after marriage. She replied that it was a “struggle”, trying to fit in and giving birth was hard and had taken a toll on her. Nonetheless, she had given it her all and will continue to do her utmost best.

For the Duchess’s statement, estranged sister Samantha called her a hypocrite and couldn’t believe that Meghan had the nerve to say this given the fact that she had not once come to the aid of her father Thomas Wayne Markle Sr. who had multiple health issues.

Previously it was another member of Meghan’s family who had to face the law and was arrested for his drunken repulsive behavior.