Qandeel Baloch murder's runaway suspect caught

The runaway suspect and brother Arif of Qandeel Baloch were caught on Saturday with the help of Saudi Interpol.

Arif was moved to Multan after his arrest and was presented in a local court, the court ordered him to stay in police custody for three days told the police.

A model court in Multan ordered Arif to a lifetime in prison for murdering his sister Qandeel last month.

Six people were acquitted because of their involvement in this case which involved Mufti Abdul Qavi, two of Qandeel’s own brothers Aslam and Arif.

Qandeel was chocked to death in 2016 in her own home by her own brother Waseem. Her father filed a case against the brothers and 6 other people who participated in the murder of their daughter. The affidavit presented by the parents of the celebrity also consisted of the names of other sons.

Waseem admitted that he drugged his sister Qandeel and later when she was drugged he strangled her until she died, on record.