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Punjab Health Minister Dr. Yasmin reviews measures against dengue

On Thursday in Lahore Dr. Yasmin Rashid who is also the  Punjab health minister revised the activities and anti-dengue measures that are being taken in the province.

Dr. Yasmin said in a cabinet committee meeting at civil secretariat that the condition related to dengue was getting better and by taking time to time measure the situation has gotten lot better now in the province than it used to be.

Punjab directorate general public relations delivered a report stating that the health minister has maintained the pace by which anti-dengue activities were taking place and also extra resources were offered in the affected areas so that the pace of these actions can be enhanced.

Dr. Yasmin further said that following the direction given out by Prime Minister we are observing the anti-dengue measures from time to time. She further added that the pace of these measures should also be enhanced in the capital city and its zones.

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