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PML-N Vice President Maryam Nawaz deprived of basic jail facilities

The personal doctor of former PM Nawaz Sharif argued that jail officials gave no amenities to the Maryam VP of PML-N. Dr. Adnan expressed his anger during his talk with the press.

He said that although the court-ordered jail authorities to provide basic amenities to Maryam. He said that when he met with Maryam in Kot Lakhpat jail he was surprised to see the condition in which she lives there. She was locked in a small room.

Dr. Adnan said that there are no basic amenities in the small room and there were bed bugs and mosquitos there. He said that it is the order of the court to supply her with better amenities in jail. He advised the system to give a proper amenity to her client as per court order.

An answerability court in Lahore sent Maryam to jail for the Sugar Mills case last month. After the end of their custody, they appeared before the court. NAB had demanded the extension in imprisonment.

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