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Pakistani female weightlifter grabbed a silver medal at a weightlifting competition

Rabia  Shehzad from Pakistan has won Silver medal at the Welsh Open Weightlifting Championship 2019 49kg event.

Earlier this year in Singapore and previously in Australia Rabia won many different international medals. Her goal is that she can make Pakistan proud in weightlifting after powerlifting.

In all three of her attempts, she lifted 35kg, 37kg, and 40kg. Rabia was undergoing a fever when she competed in the competition also she had no coach. About 200 athletes took part in this championship.

Rabia  said that “ she was on meds and on fever but she wanted to compete” she continued “ even on the plan here, shedding weight is tough, and it can make you ill, but I tried, and I’m glad that I was not overweight even by a few grams, on the day of competition I was 48.7kg, so I breathed a sigh of relief. This was my second international event of the year, I didn’t want to miss it or get disqualified by any measures “

Rabia is going against all the odds and making a way for all the other girls who want to pursue their career in weightlifting. She wanted to prove that women are not weak by any means and they can also lift weights.

Rabia ’s decision to change the weight category did affect her somehow she said: “ I decided to shed the weight because I thought there is a better chance in this category”. She further continued “ that there is a lot of fat-shaming in our society so she competed in 49Kg

UK weather was one of the challenges Rabia had to face while warming up. “ it’s colder here, it’s very cold as compared to Pakistan, there it is easier to compete because we are familiar with the condition, here I felt like I required I need more energy.

She said that she trained during her stay and trained all year long but this time she took the help and support of Hafiz Imran Butt who is the head of Pakistan weightlifting federation and it’s secretary Amjad Amin.

“ of course everything is self-financed but for me, even moral support can mean a lot”  Rabia  concluded by saying: it was better than to have the federation holding on you, but I’m grateful, female weightlifters need encouragement

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