Pakistani born Canadian citizen Iqra Khalid re-elected in Canadian parliament

Pakistan woman name Iqra Khalid who is a member of parliament in Canada has been elected for the second time in the parliament. Iqra was born in Rahim Yar Khan, Punjab. She is a member of the liberal party of Justin Trudeau and represents the  Mississauga-Erin Mills district in the Ontario province of Canada.

34-year old Iqra secured 50 votes while her opponent acquired only 30 votes. She was chosen with a heavy majority and become one of the two Pakistani Canadian citizens who was chosen to the lower house of parliament.

Her family celebrates the success of her daughter. Iqra’s grandfather said they are very happy that their daughter elected for the second time and she will soon visit her country after taking an oath.

Iqra shared the tweet in which she said that this victory is because of the hard work of four years. She also appreciated the people of Erin Millis for backing her.