Painting the first and foremost love of Naimal Khawar

Naimal Khawar made her first appearance in Film Verna and caught the spotlight. She was then starred in drama serial Anna with Hania Amir and Usman Mukhtar and became the center of attention for her strong role.

After an eye-catching performance of Naimal in Anna she shared a post on Instagram in which she said that it will be her first and last serial and said farewell to her acting career. She further wrote that she would concentrate on the painting which she loves the most.

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She occasionally shares her paintings on Instagram with her followers. She even has an exhibition of her paintings where she was seen with her husband Hamza Ali Abbasi. Their picture of discussing Naimal’s art creates hype on the internet after the announcement of their Nikkah.

She even painted her younger sister and shared it on Instagram and left people in awe with her talent.

She was later asked about the decision of leaving her acting career. She said, ” The decision was entirely mine it wasn’t due to marriage or Hamza”.