'Never give up in life': Swat's First female FC urge girls

Over 12 years ago Taliban forces and other militant groups took over the land of swat and caused havoc along with violence and brutal killing. Armed forces and other security officials fought tooth and nail to put an end to the evil misdeeds of many militant forces, many lost their lives and while others were held as hostages in captivity of rebels and Taliban groups.

Nonetheless, they never lost hope and kept their will strong and ignited in the war against terrorism, restoring its peace and bringing back safety and security for the inhabitants.

In the fight against terrorism, there were some officials who made underlying deals with the Taliban promising to leave their jobs and ensuring that they will not raise their weapons in their direction ever again. This lead to a brief gap in the functionality of several law enforcement agencies in the area but simultaneously created opportunities for the younger generation to take these positions with a new sense of responsibility and vigor.

One such enthusiast who has hit the limelight is Hina Munawar who has been part of Pakistan’s Police for a while now and is the first female appointed as a district officer for Frontier Constabulary in Swat.

She said that she had always been fond of the police and had complete support from her family and friends. After successfully passing her CSS Exam she immediately decided to join, ready to serve with a heart full of passion and diligence.

She also added that as part of her job it is mandatory to work for the FC. Belonging from Faisalabad she was initially posted in Punjab but was recently transferred to Swat to be a part of the constabulary and work with people who had

Hina was extremely honored and humbled to have been given the chance to head a group of people belonging from diverse cultures and customs as she was taken back by the hospitality that the Pashtun had displayed being very different from the kind of Punjabi background she had come from.

For young girls who wanted to become police officers in the future, she advised them to never give up and keeping their goals and ambitions in mind they should work hard to accomplish all their dreams and desires.