Mother of a young teenage girl asking for help to find her missing daughter

A 15 years old girl, Kaylee Anne, daughter of Sara Carfantan and the resident of  Toowoomba, Queensland has been missing since Friday. According to her mother, she last saw her when she dropped her off in school at around 7 in the morning and after that, she went missing.

Sara took social network sites to reach out to people to help find her daughter. She is suspecting her Daughter’s 17 years old male friend and his father for involvement in the process of her missing daughter. She said “I believe my daughter could be with her Friend and his father”

Her daughter has also switched off her phone since she went missing and Sara is presuming that her daughter did that on the instructions of the two she is with. She appealed that anyone who might get any clue contact police immediately.

She wrote that her daughter might be in South East Queensland with her friend and his Father. She also added that she wants her daughter to be back as soon as possible. She also thanked everyone for the help she is getting.

Many people from around Queensland are sharing sympathetic status and words to comfort Sara. But according to the Police, the Girl was still not yet found as of 4 pm on Sunday.