Mother draws her newly born girl’s eyebrows using her cosmetics and people call it child abuse

Newly born white-haired kid Isabella at Fife, Scotland has no eyebrows. Her mom Danielle McSherry Schee, tried to highlight her girl’s eyebrows while she was asleep. When she publicized her baby girl’s photo having dark eyebrows sketched on her face, she captioned the picture that she was training her little kid not to sleep at gatherings. It was just a joke though.

Ms. McSherry said that she just wanted to see how the girl would look with dark shapely engraved eyebrows. She used her makeup and carved symmetrical eyebrows which resembled hers. When she was finished, she couldn’t stop laughing. As she found it so amusing, she snapped it, and after wiping off makeup from baby’s face she posted the photographs onto Facebook.

The response to her experiment was amazing. Her friends also found this quite funny. Yet still, there were certain uninspired moms who didn’t find this humorous instead of criticized the mother and blamed her for abusing the kid.

At first, McSherry felt as if she had done some weird thing. Yet her friends backed her, and she says that she didn’t put her daughter in any risk and there was nothing injurious in that act and she might do that again. She said that she is going to save those snaps forever and may use it on her daughter’s eighteenth birthday cake