Home Entrepreneurship Montclair State University hosts Sixth Annual Females Entrepreneurship Week Conference, 2019

Montclair State University hosts Sixth Annual Females Entrepreneurship Week Conference, 2019

Women Entrepreneurship Week, 2019 is going to be hosted by the Montclair State University on Oct 21 and Oct 23. Oct 21 ‘s event is named “Finding Success as Food Entrepreneurs. And the other one is the WEW Conference.

A unique thing about the WEW conference to be held at MSU is that it is taking the initiative of providing free childcare facilities during the whole-day conference at university. It will be quite beneficial for female entrepreneurs who are mothers, to attend the event without worrying about their concerns and responsibilities. Moreover, it is free of cost and opens to the public.

The WEW, an initiative by MSU’s Feliciano School of Business, started in 2014 in New Jersey. The purpose of conducting this week is to let females entrepreneurs join a platform and reveal their journey of initiating a new business. Around 200 universities & colleges in the U.S will observe WEW, 2019 at their separate campuses.

The organizer of this conference and the Executive Director of the FCE&I, Carley Graham Garcia, appreciated this very initiative and thanked Lightbridge Academy, that is providing this childcare facility and it had been a sponsor and promoter for three years. FCE&I aims at empowering Females Tycoons, by starting WEW in 2014. At that time, it was held at 4 universities. And now, this is Sixth Annual WEW, going to be celebrated at more than 200 universities in the U.S.

The initiative of providing free childcare facilities for the attendees during the WEW Conference is quite a unique step towards empowering female entrepreneurs. Guy Falzarano, founder, and CEO of Lightbridge Franchise Co. whole-heartedly supports the mission of the WEW Conference and feels more contented to provide the childcare to the attendees.

Female Entrepreneurs from various fields and industries are going to appear at the conference. Google is also presenting Google’s #IamRemarkable Workshop at the University. Budding and emerging Entrepreneurs will be benefited a lot from this conference. They will get an opportunity of meeting with larger companies and seeking encouragement, assistance, and advice from this conference.

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