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Miley Cyrus infuriated at the double standard held against women

American singer Miley Cyrus went through a lot of criticism after her video went viral on the internet. In the video, she is seen spending time with musician Cody Simpson at a health food store.

The ‘Mother’s Daughter’ singer shared multiple tweets on her official Twitter account to deal with the criticism. She has been a victim of the critique after her short term relationship with Kaitlynn Carter. Fans sensed that the singer is moving very quickly from one person to another person.

Miley wrote: “I know the public feel invested in my past relationship because they saw it through from the beginning. But I am grown now and make choices as an adult.”

Cyrus was angry at the double-standards held against women who date. The singer said that women were always subjected to criticism if they date another man after a breakup. On the contrary, she said that these standards were different for men. People labeled them as heroes when they quickly jump from one woman to another.

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