Mehwish Hayat talks about her upcoming role in a film on Benazir Bhutto’s life

One of the renowned political personalities and the only female Ex-PM of Pakistan Benazir Bhutto’s life is going to be dramatized by a notable performer of Pakistan Mehwish Hayat. The actress is very much excited about her new and quite different character in her acting career. Late Benazir Bhutto’s epic life story is soon to be played in a biographical movie, and the Punjab Nahi Jaongi Actress Mehwish is being starred in a lead role.

The actress in her recent interview expressed her excitement about her role and her respect for the deceased leader. She says that she acknowledges every little thing Bibi had done in her life. Bibi’s life narrative is an inspiration for women.

She was the first and only lady PM of Pakistan and her contributions towards empowering women are beyond that. Mehwish says that she wants the nation and the future generations to note the great milestones she achieved and the impact she made towards nation-building and appreciate it.

Moreover, the actress feels that it would be a quite complicated journey as it can never be an easy task to portray such a remarkable and versatile personality on-screen.

Previously when the same news about a biographical film on late Bibi’s life was disclosed by the actress, she got caught in interrogations. As the late Bibi’s daughter Bakhtawar had a solid response on the news. Bakhtawar said that Bibi’s family was not taken into accord before taking this step and that it was not allowed to picture someone’s life without their considerate approval.