Mehwish Hayat shares her new dance video with her Insta fans

“This is a recognition that I must be doing something right.” This was the statement made by Mehwish Hayat when she was awarded a prestigious award of Pakistan, the Pride of Performance.

Since then, she had been praised by the masses a lot, along with being criticized as well, specifically on her statement that she made at that moment. Now, she has again started a hype on the internet (the so-called social media tactics), by sharing a video of herself dancing with a famous drama and movie star of Pakistan Ahsan Khan. In this video she is seen wearing a quite enticing outfit, that does not represent Pakistani culture, as said in the comments.

This video, along with receiving a lot of adoration from the fans, has also drawn the attention of her such Insta followers who are nagging at her and blames her for spreading the bad image of Pakistani culture across the world, which she should stop.

After the achievement of receiving Pride of Performance, she had been seen quite active on various platforms on national and international levels, representing the film industry of Pakistan, and talks about how this industry is trying to portray the actual images of Pakistani culture.

Besides being appointed as the Brand Ambassador of Muslim Islamic Charity, she has also been recognized as one of those brave Muslim women, who are contributing towards the improvement of society.