Mahira Khan Speaks on how #MeToo Movement is wrongly being used in Pakistan

Pakistani actress Mahira Khan has recently tweeted her stance regarding the very popular #MeToo Movement that lead to drastic changes and gave women the strength and courage to openly raise their voices and share their stories against sexual harassment and sexual assault especially those who had been victims of such horrible crimes.

Along with many other parts of the world the movement was launched in Pakistan too and revealed some very eminent and prominent cases of sexual harassment in the country.

The film star expressed her anger talking about an incident in which an English language professor hanged himself for being falsely accused of harassment,  a crime he clearly had not committed. Following this tragic news, she strongly condemned those that abused the real purpose and sentiment of the movement.

In her post, she said that it makes her furious how the real rapists and assaulters are not being held responsible for their heinous actions while the innocent are being questioned and asked to prove themselves in court. It is absolutely necessary that the real offenders are held accountable for their misdeeds and be punished by the law.