Lis Wonder looks identical to Gal Gadot's wonder women in her cosplay

Lis wonder shared a picture of her on Instagram cosplaying wonder women for Newyork Comic-Con.

Wonder women have been one of the favorites fan heroes since its debut in  1941 in comic books But as Gal Gadot took the role of the wonder women, fans have loved her role and Gal Gadot has become one of the most beautiful reincarnations of wonder women. Gal debuted in 2017 when the movie was directed by Patty Jenkins.

During the past weekend, many fans have cosplayed Gal Gadot’s wonder women to pay tribute to her and Lis Wonder was one of the fans that cosplayed wonder women.

The photo of the cosplay Lis posted on her official Instagram had a stunning similarity to Gal Gadot’s embodiment of wonder women.

It is said that Gal Gadot will soon take up the role of wonder women again in the sequel of the 2017 movie that broke the records. The details of the plot are still kept secret.