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Kim Kardashian filed a lawsuit against mobile camera app

Kardashian accuses that a picture of her that she had shared on her Insta account for the purpose of marketing of her beauty products, has been used in an advertisement campaign of a picture editing application. Kim’s lawyers filed a case against iHandy and Taplogic yesterday at Los Angeles and have claimed at least $10 M from the accountable party.

Kardashian reported that iHandy’s Sweet Camera Application exploited her photograph, to earn millions from their profile-raising posts, without bringing it in her notice and without compensating her for it. The picture was taken from the internet that had been posted in 2017 as a part of Kim’s beauty line marketing plan.

The guilty team has responded quite absurdly by saying that they hadn’t recognized the picture was from Kim Kardashian’s promotional campaign. Kim’s lawsuit states that it is very much nonsensical and ridiculous of the opposing party saying that of the millions and millions of pictures on the internet, they had no idea the photograph they were using was one of the most renowned women around the world. And even when they recognized that they had been exploiting Kim’s picture, they didn’t stop that and continued with their promotion.

Kim’s legal advisors state that charge of 10M Dollars from the app developers is not that big, as she gets quite a substantial amount for every single photograph that is posted or used as a marketing tool. The legal docs disclosed that she gets 1M Dollars for one social media ad she posts.

iHandy is an app developing company working in Hongkong and California. So is the Tapologic that was launched in Delaware, but it is also operating in California. The Sweet Camera app from iHandy has around 20 filters and allows the users to apply makeup on images and take selfies with an expert outlook.

Kardashian, who is a mother of four, is considered a celebrity in the makeup and beauty industry. She is also known for her apparel brand, her perfume line and a reality program “Keeping up with Kardashians”. The businesses she owns together values above 350 M dollars. Her Insta supporters are more than 150M, and she earns a lot from her advertisement posts on social media.

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