In a recent broadcast regarding the Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s tour of Africa titled “Harry and Meghan: An African Journey” Meghan became emotional answering a question on how life had been after marriage. She said that becoming a part of the Royal Family , learning how to handle the media, facing the flash of cameras and giving birth were a “struggle” and took a toll on her despite having the guidance of her husband Prince Harry and the counsel of family and friends. She further added that the whole experience was quite overwhelming.

Following this, news from the palace by a royal expert claims, Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton, has made contact with the Duchess of Sussex over the phone. Extending a friendly hand Kate empathized with Meghan who has just discovered motherhood, found it challenging to embrace this new lifestyle and had to overcome several hurdles in her path.

The two royals had a conversation over the phone and Kate is trying her best to fix things privately. Kate is trying to help Meghan who admitted she was” not okay” and said that she was aware that it was not going to be easy but not being fair is something she just cant come to terms with.

In the same documentary Harry also did not deny the fact that him and Prince William have not been as close as they used to be because of their busy work schedules and the pressure on them has lead them on to having their differences and conflicts but whenever need be they will always be there for each other, to support and stand by one another.