Jennifer Anniston shares the diet plan that did miracles for her
(Photo by Josh Jacks/Star Max/GC Images)

Recently, Jennifer Anniston got connected to Instagram and surprised her fans. She has amazed her fans yet again by revealing the mystery behind her healthy and fit body. She shared her diet plan while on an interview with UK Radio Times.

The Friends’ wonder woman has approached her fiftieth, and her golden 50’s marked her reappearance to the TV screen. She is back on the screen with her upcoming serial The Morning Show. She has recently broken down the record of reaching 1M fam on her Insta account within hours of joining Instagram. She again surprises the fans by revealing the secret behind her fit figure.

She told that she does regular fasting and it helped her a lot in keeping herself fit and healthy. She doesn’t eat in the morning and avoids solid food intake for almost 16 hours that made a big difference. She takes her coffee and rests. She does go through a regular body workout also.

Her first appearance on Instagram and now this incident, these two events were a treat for her fans. Since she joined Insta, her Insta fam is adoring her content a lot.