Home Entertainment Jennifer Anniston hits 1M fan following on her newly created Insta account

Jennifer Anniston hits 1M fan following on her newly created Insta account

Jennifer Anniston the Friends’ Star from Hollywood, who had never been on any social media account, no Facebook, neither Instagram nor Twitter. Recently, connects to Instagram, her fans have rushed to follow her on her Insta account. The account became inaccessible because of the flow of fans rushing to follow her. And within 5 hours and 16 minutes, her fan following approached one million fans.

She has also professed that she had a stalker account on Instagram as well. But publicly she hadn’t been seen on any social media account.

Her very first post to the public was a selfie of her with her co-stars from the play Friends, with the caption “Now we’re Instagram FRIENDS too.” Her account has a very precise bio that says “Friends call me Jen”.

Ms. Anniston is the third person to break the record of the previous two users who were regarded as the quickest users. One of these two accounts was of @sussexRoyal run by Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, that achieved its 1M fam in 5 hours and 45 minutes. Sussex Royal’s purpose on social media was to highlight their charity drive and activities. 

Before them, the popstar K. Daniel was the first person to make this record by achieving 1M fan following in almost eleven and a half hours.

When Anniston’s Fan following was above 950k, she came to know that she was about to mark a record, she then shared a video shot from her serial The Morning Show and titled it that she was grateful to her supporters for such welcome and that she wasn’t expecting this.

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