Indian occupied Kashmir in severe humanistic catastrophe, Mishal urges UN to take notice

In a talk with journalists, Mishal said how the inhumane curfew and communications ban in the occupied valley of Kashmir was leading towards serious shortage of food and life-saving medicine.

Furthermore, she said that the freedom movement of Kashmiri people will not be suppressed by Indian forces, despite their inhumane actions and further added that the struggle will soon pay off.

Mishal said that Yasin Malik is not just an individual, but a symbol of the struggle for the Kashmiri people and he will never bow down to Indian diplomacies.

Previously, Mishal also had expressed her concerns about the disappearance of thousands of Kashmiri people at the hands of Indian occupation forces. She had concerns about her husband Yasin Malik’s health condition, because of his poor treatment by the Jail authorities in Tihar Jail, New Delhi in which he was kept in a death cell.

She added that she could not talk to her husband for the last six months, because of the restraints placed by the Jail authorities.