Home Entertainment Helen Mirren praised #MeToo generation of young women

Helen Mirren praised #MeToo generation of young women

Helen Mirren has admired the #MeToo generation because females are finally fighting for themselves and taking power and rejecting to agree to any form of discrimination.

In the year 2017 as a response to sexual attack allegations, the #MeToo program started in the US. This movement made the women bold and brave about sharing their experiencing if they ever were assaulted or abused physically or vocally.

Helen stated “ that why did the #Metoo movement happen? something somewhat split” she further added that “something exited and she loves that the young group is simply not ready to accept it”.

She said that she sees many young women around her taking control of their own destinies, scripting their own content constructing their own stories or making their own movie, that lovely supposition that it’s just possible, and they can do it”

Gender queries of self-identification have diverged people’s views all over the globe. Some of the studies showed that many people consider themselves as transsexual or non-binary while Helen said that she doesn’t think that there is anything such as binary sexuality. She further added that she supposes we humans lie somewhere between the combination of masculine and feminine.

Helen the Oscar-winning actress is now 74 years old. In 2007 for her act in the Queen she won the best actress award. During her career, she has received several awards.

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