Ha Na Kyung sentenced for domestic violence against her beau

On 24th October it was discovered that the South Korean actress Han Na Kyung was punished for 8 months in jail. The actress will be 2 years under probation and if she breaches any conditions of her trial periods she will be jailed for 8 months.

The actress is charged for violent behavior against her beau who she met in 2017 in an adult entertainment bar. The actress is said to have a verbal conflict with her beau and when he refused to sit in the car she drove the car at him to terrorize him.

After her beau testified the case to the police the actress practically choked him and injured his wrist by snapping them. the actress was actually upset about her beau meeting other women where he works so she invited 80 of her beau’s associates in a chatroom and made nasty remarks about him.

The courts took into account that the suspect’s actions alone may not be serious but when compared with her previous cases of violence with ex-beaus the suspect has to be sentenced to pay for what she did.

The court further stated that they took the reality into consideration for the final verdict that the suspect has vowed not to ever come in connection with the victim and the victim himself was partly to blame for the disputes.

When at the first it was thought that the actress in question was Ha Na Kyung, she refused but later on, she agreed that this article was about her.

Ha Na Kyung clarified that all of it is not true she said it’s true I met him at the adult entertainment bar but a friend took me I wasn’t there to use my own money, she further said I met him there and we started to date and then later in October 2018 we had a verbal argument and he left and didn’t pick up my phone. She continued that so I took my car and went home but later he came n a taxi and jumped in front of my car I wasn’t the one who tried to run my car on him.

She further stated that “ we started living together in November of 2017 but after two months he said he wanted to go abroad to study another language and I supported him. He was using me for my money. We had a cross-examination with him today and he filed a false suit against me so I counter sued him and even presented proof of him physically attacking me.

She continued saying that I’m the one more heartbroken because I thought he was someone I loved and we could even marry. The one crime I’m actually guilty of is loving him. She also told that she has the Blackbox video in which the beau came up in front of her car and she pushed the brakes he then grinned and went up to their home.