Group of black coats beat woman outside the local court

Cases of physical assault on women increasing day by day in Pakistan. Women are not safe even in court premises where everyone seeks justice. An incident happened outside the court in Narowal’s Shakargarh in which a judicial custodian beat woman. A video of lawyers circulating around social media in which a group of lawyers kicked and beat a lady outside a local court in Narowal’s Shakargarh area on Wednesday.

The woman who has been identified as Amrat was at the court for the hearing. She said that the lawyers stopped her from entering the court. They pulled her outside the court and hit her. Attorneys beat the woman but no one including the police officer standing there stopped the attorneys.

Naeem Iqbal the President of the local bar association said that the woman was accompanied by men and she tried to abduct one of the lawyers. The case has been filed against the suspects. Punjab CM Usman Buzdar took into account and demands a report on this matter. He who fights for justice is involved in these crimes who should people rely on.

This is not the first time that judicial custodians involved in these acts. Previously, a group of lawyers beats the warden for issuing them a challan for violation of traffic rules in Lahore