Greta Thunberg speaks against Fb for not stopping haters for hateful comments
(Photo by DON MACKINNON/AFP via Getty Images)

Ms. Greta Thunberg, 16 is an environmental activist. She has requested the Facebook users to support her in an appeal for change. Her claim is that social media authorities should take the liability for anything that goes viral through that media. She says that immoral comments and wicked remarks from haters, treacherous schemes, and the absence of fact-verification are widespread on such platforms.

Thunberg says that it is quite an upsetting situation that Facebook doesn’t take any liability for what happens on Facebook.  The girl has revealed that she had also been a victim of fake schemes. She and her family’s lives are threatened and they were being harassed because of Facebook abusers.

Her 13-year-old sister has to undergo intimidation, enmity, and harassment over social media. She shared a post with her 2.6M followers, in which she mentioned that she wanted to quit social media because its lack of holding accountability is just annoying. And issues of continuous fabrications, interference in other’s lives and intrusion in politics are very distressing.

Thunberg posted “I am questioning myself I should continue using Fb or not.” The continuous lies and fake plans result in aggressiveness, violence and murder intimidations. The girl states that this could only be ceased if Facebook itself wants to stop this. She urges her followers to join this cause for change. The change will only be possible if together they claim for change. She insists the internet users to force Facebook to change its policies.

Thunberg made an apology to people who were being deceived by certain people pretending to be her. They deceitfully claimed that they were representing Thunberg so that can get contacted with political figures and well-known celebrities.