Home Politics Greta Thunberg is the top favorite nominee to win Nobel peace prize

Greta Thunberg is the top favorite nominee to win Nobel peace prize

Greta Thunberg the teen climate activist, is appreciated all over the world, she is considered the favorite among all to win the 100th Nobel peace prize.

There are 301 candidates at the moment that are competing to win this award if Greta succeeds then she will be one of the youngest people to ever receive this award, even Malala was a year older when she was presented with this award in 2014.

When she first skipped school in 2018, she protested while standing out the parliament so that she can get a stronger response to climate change conditions that is when the world started noticing her.

Bookmakers think that she is at the odd of ½ of winning this prize, William hill a bookmaker said that about 96% bets of noble peace prize are on Greta.  

The Nobel peace prize award winner will be announced live from Oslo, Norway on Friday.

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