Girl allegedly throw acid on her beau for refusing a marriage proposal

The incidence rate of acid attacks has been increasing in the past decades. The motive of assaulter behind these acid attacks is mostly the revenge. Every day we heard an acid throwing incident in which mostly females are the victims. But the case happened in Aligarh, India was completely opposite. A girl threw acid on a boy because he refused her proposal of marriage.

The boy name Faizad was in a relationship with the girl for the 6 months. Since last month the boy is ignoring the girl that’s why he was attacked by the girl.

Anil Simaniya CO civil lines said that they recorded the FIR underneath chapter 326 A of the Indian penal code and detained the girl.

Boy was hospitalized in Pandit Deen Dayal Upadhyay joint hospital. Dr. khan’s zone from the hospital said that the boy who is in his 20s was brought to the hospital in an emergency. He was a victim of an acid attack. A team of doctors attended him and gave him the necessary medical care. Boy’s eyes have been affected by acid.

Boy’s mother name Rukhsana said that the girl was constantly calling her son and asking him for marriage, but his son rejected her proposal that’s why this incident happen.