Female Staff Member Raped by Chinese Actor Yunxiang Gao and Producer Jin Wang

In an ongoing trial headed by judge Penelope Cock, the jury has heard the case of a female crew member who was allegedly slapped by Chinese Tv star and film actor Yunxiang Gao as producer Jin Wang raped her during the filming of some Australian scenes in a Chinese drama called Love in Aranya.

The woman was raped in her hotel room in Shangri La Hotel Sydney. According to the woman’s statement, the two men imposed themselves upon her and behaved inappropriately. The complainant told the jury that she was forced to indulge in a sexual act with Wang. Gao humiliated her by slapping her bum several times and laughed in her face. She also said that as soon as Gao came out of the room Wang began to rape her and commit indecent sexual acts.

This statement can be proved by the CCTV evidence that shows Gao coming out of the woman’s room around 3.00 am.

Despite saying “no”,  Gao went into the woman’s room, pulled her towards the bathroom where he compelled her against her will to perform a sexual act on him meanwhile kissing and undressing her the entire time. The woman remarked that she was so afraid she couldn’t think straight and did not who to call for help.

Both men have denied these accusations and standing trial in court claimed that nothing was done without the approval and consent of the woman and have pleaded not guilty before the law.

The woman’s identity has not been revealed due to legal obligations.