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Estrogen may aid in increasing Cognitive abilities in Women

Recent research in the field of medicine suggests that taking estrogen may help women in slowing down the pace of cognitive decline. The research paper called “Lifetime estrogen exposure and cognition in late life: The Cache County Study” explains these findings in detail.

People from the field of medicine and research have long been aware of the fact that more women are diagnosed with having Alzheimer’s as compared to men. “About two-thirds of people diagnosed with the illness are women.” says The Alzheimers Society located in the USA.

The study tends to solve the why part of this problem. Scientists have discovered that the answer to this question lies in exposure to estrogen. A good amount of knowledge in regards to this area of study proposes that women seem to undergo a decline in the level of estrogen in their body post menopause and thus are more likely to have this mental illness.

Researchers have now started to think and realize that hormone therapy may not be a source of harm to mental processes and cognition. In fact, it may as well be the exact opposite and prove to be beneficial.

The researchers who carried out the new study examined 2000 postmenopausal women for 12 years and established a link between estrogen levels and cognitive decline.

They studied a number of factors of which some were regarding their reproductive functions, hormonal and menstrual cycles, breastfeeding and having taken any kind of hormonal therapy or not.

Results of the study concluded that estrogen exposure plays a part in better cognitive health in older individuals and its benefits were stronger for the oldest women in the sample who started taking estrogen earlier.

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