On October 23 in Northern Ireland, thirty-nine individuals discovered frozen in a truck. It was discovered that they were migrating (more specifically being smuggled) from China to the UK. It is now being revealed that some people from Vietnam were also among those who were murdered inside the freezing lorry.

Government officials of Vietnam are approached by a person who believes that his daughter namely ‘Pham’ was also amongst them. He belongs to the province of Ha Tinh, located to the south of Hanoi. Father reported to the provincial authorities of Ha Tinh and told them that Pham moved from her country on the 3rd of October, to travel to the UK through China and then France.

Pham sent an SMS to her Mom which is thought to be her last note to her family. The girl described her desperate situation in her last SMS. She said that she was sorry because her tour would not be successful anymore, as she couldn’t respire, and she would die soon. The message was received in Vietnam at 4:28 a.m. on Oct 23. It was 10:28 p.m. of Oct 22 in the UK.

Pham’s family says that it was her last conversation with them. Since then, they haven’t heard anything from her daughter. Pham’s brother posted the screenshot of Pham’s conversation with the family on Facebook and appealed for any sought of help or information about her sister.

Vietnamese Ambassador to the UK is also requested by the family for help and cooperation to search for the girl. The embassy is trying along with the British Authorities to explore whether the girl Pham was among the victims or not.

The authorities initially believed that all of the 39 people belonged to china but now the picture is becoming more clearer. But the forces still cannot tell anything clear about their nationalities. Essex Police officials have appealed the social media not to make things up themselves and do not assume the identities of victims.