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“Education is key to empower women”: Meghan Markle at Johannesburg University

Meghan, Duchess of Sussex talked about women empowerment on Tuesday. During a visit to Johannesburg University in South Africa, she said that when women are empowered through education it revolutionized the world.

Duchess of Sussex told the students and academics: “When a woman empowers it change everything and education is the key behind this.”

Furthermore, she said that higher education is not only helpful in economic growth but also it nurtures our personality and develops us.

Meghan took over the role as a sponsor of ACU from Queen Elizabeth. Queen Elizabeth held this role for more than three decades.

Meghan Markel also declared three gender grants by ACU for South African universities. Her goal was to encourage gender equivalence and backing women in researching and working in higher education.

Meghan also declared four new Queen Elizabeth Commonwealth stipends.

Moreover, Meghan also visited the non-governmental organization ActionAid, an organization work for poor women and girls. The staff welcomed her with singing. She also got bunches of flowers, hug and drawing from girls. There she discusses violence against women. After that, she also visited the local school to meet girls aged between 12 & 16.

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