Lindsey Bone was an extremely talented girl, specializing in Criminology. She was on a consistent intake of fermented apple pills that contained vinegar as a part of her diet intake plan, before she died.

Doctors were unable to find any specific reason behind her death. It has become a mystery for them. But they did reveal that it may be due to extreme dieting that put her life into risk.

Lindsey’s mother said that her girl was an amazing person and she was a very brave girl. Lindsey was an ambitious girl. She was working really hard to fulfil her dreams and she had lot of plans about her future life. Mrs. Bone warns the youngsters (specifically girls) not to get overexcited about their diet plans, and to be careful about their health.

The girl had been on a severely rigorous diet schedule since few months, that included usual fasting and intake of supplements like apple cider pills. A diary was discovered from the girl’s room that had her food intake schedule on it. The diary unfolded that she wasn’t taking more than 1.2K Cal in a day, carbohydrates intake was just for once in a day, and the apple supplement was surely to be with her always.

Previously she had been consuming a spoon full of that supplement and recently she had started having it in the form of tablets, the mother told.

The girl had also been taking certain anxiety and depression control medicines since her father had died in 2018. But the specialist who scanned her body revealed that it never went beyond a normal dosage. The relevant information that the blood tests had shown was somewhat a higher level of acid in her blood, called Acidosis.

The doctor said that they could not regard this level as lethal, but it was somewhat more than normal. As Vinegar is acidic but no one can picture out what amount of it she was taking on daily basis.

Apple Cider Vinegar is known to be a widely used obesity control supplement that is made from fermented apples. It is claimed that this drink surely helps one lose weight. A spoon of it mixed with water help to lower hungriness that helps in losing weight.

Several stars and celebs from Hollywood are seen praising this tonic and regard it as some sort of wonder drink that enhances metabolic activity of the body and burns fats. But specialists advise that never believe it to be a mystic remedy that will alter your body forever, take it just as some pretty addition like a salad. But it isn’t like that it is life threatening because it is being consumed by people since years.

The doctor said that she cannot say anything final about this mystery. However, it was a tragic death out of a heart arrythmia, and cause behind this cannot be pictured out clearly.