Cure Metrix a company using artificial intelligence to detect breast cancer in initial phases

Dr. Watanbe, who is a professional radiology expert at an Artificial Intelligence company that uses AI for the checkup of patients with breast tumors. The machines and software used by the company help in revealing cancer at a very initial phase.

This technology uses FDA-cleared software which spots, recognizes and marks out the glitches in the body of the patient by witnessing thousands of mammograms.

Dr.Watanbe discovered that tumors that the machine detects using its specialized software, are sometimes very tiny tumors that are hidden or covered under some tissue and the human eye cannot spot the anomaly. “Tumors that went unnoticed by a radio specialist were spotted by the machine,” says the Doctor.

This software equipped with advanced technology can find the tumors of breast about 5 years prior than does a human specialist. It is reachable across the world to the doctors and others with network accessibility. Using the company’s online platform, women can get an instant judgment on their X-ray reports by sending them to the experts online, in almost 200 Dollars.

“It can discover anomalies in mammograms, that the human eye could not recognize,” says Ms. Watanbe.

Amanda Caniglia, a citizen of San Diego, expressed that the technology helped her release her worries. As she had a history of tumors in the family, that made her worried and nervous. Although the reports from her previous mammograms came normal, yet she needed another view for which she approached Cure Metrix. When reports came out right, she felt calm, and it lessened her worries.

These tools are helping women in getting cured from this life-threatening tumor as early as possible.