Couple arrested for sexually assaulting women and filming it for blackmailing

In Lahore police have arrested a couple for capturing young women and sexually assaulting and blackmailing them for money.

During the investigation, the couple confessed that the wife would lure the women by using different means and then they would capture women and the husband would sexually assault the victims while the wife would make their videos and later they would blackmail them by threating them that they will make these videos viral just to get money out of the victim.

Salamat Ali and his wife Razia sultana are the suspects and currently arrested for the investigation of this case.

The police came to know about this incident when one complaint was filed against Razia. The woman told that she was her neighbor and that they were on good terms she said that a few days ago, Salamat raped me while Razia recorded the whole scene.

She further added that when she refused to give money to them they blackmailed her that they will make these videos viral.

An FIR was registered against Salamat Ali and his wife Razia. The case was referred to as Anti Gender-based violence cell cantonment division. The case was investigated by this cell and also they captured the culprits. It was said by the police that they are still investigating this case for further details.