Boom Boom Afridi announced campaign “Taleem Hogi Aam Har Beti Ke Naam” under his foundation for girls

Pakistani former cricketer has announced to launch a campaign to promote girl’s education in the country. In a press conference, he was accompanied by his daughters Aqsa and Insha at his residence on Tuesday where he announced a campaign “Taleem Hogi Aam Har Beti Ke Naam” under his foundation.

He said to media that we will travel from Punjab to Baluchistan, from KPK to Sindh to aware people of the importance of education especially girl’s education. Furthermore, he added that education is very important for the country’s growth. He cited the example of Sri Lanka and Bangladesh that they focus on education and they made progress. He said that it is necessary for the development of the country that we should focus on education and there is a need to work in this sector.

Boom Boom Afridi was once criticized because of his comment on girl’s participation in the sport when he said women’s only place is in the kitchen.

He was working for women’s health and education since then. He was joined by his daughter in the campaign. When a journalist asked if he would like to see more Sana Mirs & Naseem Hameeds comes out from girls’ schools under his foundation. Boom Boom Afridi said that sports and education are equally important and he is trying to provide all facilities.

“We already have adopted one girls’ school in Lahore and have established a proper sports ground with that school,” the former captain said.

Afridi highlighted the importance of girls’ education. He said that educating a girl would men educating an entire generation. “We must tell people how important it is for everyone to have girls getting quality education,” he cited.