BLACKPINK under criticism for arriving late at Adidas event

It was reported that BLACKPINK and English footballer David Beckham were programmed to appear as a guest in an event for an Adidas at Seoul Time Square on October 9 at 11:05 am to 12:05 PM KST.

But the girl group appear 20 minutes late at 12:15 PM. David Beckham was not on time because he was busy in taking selfies with his fans while the reason behind the late appearance of  BLACKPINK yet not announced by YG entertainment.

Netizens complained about the presumed late arrival of BLACKPINK but the BLINKS are trying to prove the innocence of the group by sharing their backstage pictures. They also claimed that BLACKPINK was programmed to attend the second half of the event not the first.

Some media also claimed that the girl group was unable to meet David because they appeared late. But BLINK shares the pictures of girls with David to refute the statement of media.

BLACKPINK member looks stunning in Adidas’ most fashionable athleisure. Jisoo and Jennie’s style was different but they both are in black. Jennie looks astounding in her crop top, zip-up jacket and track paint.

On the other hand, Jisoo wore a flattering, zip-up mini skirt with a long-sleeved crop top. Jisoo’s black & Lisa’s highlight green attracted the attention of everyone. Lisa’s sweater resembled Jisoo’s, but it had drawstrings in place of a zipper. Rosé’s bright red jacket & skirt looked undeniably fabulous with her blonde hair and fair skin.

Even in casual clothes, BLACKPINK looks stunning.