Billie Eilish response about her possible collaboration with K-pop group BTS
(Photo by Gary Miller/Getty Images)

Billie Eilish’s strong personality is the reason behind her popularity. Recently in an interview with NPR music at the Austin City limit music festival, she proved everyone wrong when she shut down all negative responses about the question of her collaboration with South Korean band BTS.

In an interview when Eilish was asked who she should be working with next. Her fans shout that she must work with BTS because the group really likes her. Eilish in response to a question said, “Should I?”

Some of her fans say ‘Yes’ to this but some said ‘No’. Eilish seemed shocked by the reaction.

“Stop, oh my God. So mean,” she said. “I’m gonna listen to them. They’re very nice. They said some very nice things about me.”

It is nice that Billie recognizes the BTS comment about her because the group especially Jungkook always shows love for her and her music.

During a Beats 1 radio interview, Jungkook mentioned Eilish that she is the one we want to work with soon. After a few months,  Jungkook’s video went viral on the internet in which he is dancing and singing the lyrics of Eilish’s ‘Bad Guy’.