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Benazir Income Support Program the only central point for empowering women

The Sindh director-general of Benazir Income Support Program, Abdur Raheem Sheikh said that this program is a societal security network whose main focus is to help women financially, he also said that BISP is the only central point in the entire nations that empowers women and has provided about 5.7 million cash assistance to different women.

While speaking to the ceremony of the international day of eradication of poverty, he said that this program is focusing on and engaging in activities that raise awareness about the issues that are important.

The Benazir income support program also plans to educate women about their rights, education, nutrition, mother, child entrepreneurship and every other important topic so that they can pay attention to it and make better life decisions.

The director-general further said that this program helps to empower women which would help to eradicate poverty in the area he also said that the BISP is committed and sincere in its attempts to erase poverty and help all the deserving families with financial assistance with EHSASS program.

Abdur Raheem Sheikh also said that this EHSASS program will help people by providing interest-free loans, giving them vocational and skill training and asset transfers.

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