BBC 100 women 2019: Jalila Haider from Hazara included in the list

Hazara woman name Jalila Haider was mentioned in the list of 100 women of 2019. This list was issued by a UK broadcasting company named British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC).

Jalila works for the protection of women’s rights in Pakistan. She is engaged in providing free legal services to women across the country. She established a nonprofit organization named ‘we the human’. This organization is working for those women who are in need and who are deprived of their legal rights.

She is the first woman from Hazara, the region in northeastern part of the KPK province of Pakistan, who is a lawyer. Once she went on a hunger strike to protect the rights of people and to support them.

She shared a tweet on her official Twitter account and expressed her joy because of her selection in the list of 100 women of 2019. She said that it is an honor for her to represent Pakistan.

Furthermore, she said that if we look back we realized that all the problems and destruction was because of male-centric society. We must realize the importance of women and know their future.