Home Health and Fitness A woman bitten by a rabid dog passes away in Karachi

A woman bitten by a rabid dog passes away in Karachi

A 55-year-old woman was taken to Jinnah hospital after being bitten by a mad dog. Senior executive Dr. Seemi Jamali, of Jinnah Hospital said that the woman was a native of Nawabshah and she was rushed to hospital after a mad dog bite her in neck.

Woman’s family said that she was vaccinated after this incident but the doctors said that there is no trace of vaccination in patient body.

Hospital management said that they are providing necessary medication to woman but she expired. 9 patient of dog bite were brought to Jinnah hospital during this year. In Karachi this problem of dog bite is widespread.

Recently almost 12 people were brought to Abbasi Shaheed hospital for vaccination of dog bitten but the hospital authorities said that anti-rabies vaccine is not available that’s why the treatment is not possible.

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