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A new study founds women are more stressed than men

On Thursday a new study published that now that a disturbing amount of women are undergoing stress and are on their way to burnout.

Meridith corporation and the Haris poll conducted a study in which 2015 Us adults were under survey out of which 1036 were women. The survey consisted of all four generations the GEN z, millennials, Gen Xers and the boomers. The study concluded that overall women were more worried, stressed, overwhelmed, nervous and exhausted in every part of their lives now than they used to be in the past.

According to the WHO (world health organization), burnout is now termed as an official medical diagnosis which is a state of an emotional, physical and mental exhaustion caused by excessive and prolonged stressed

The study revealed that men and women feel the same type of stress but women tend to stress more at home. About 48% of women told that their stress level is so high that they cannot sleep at night. 49% of women said that a balanced work-life is a total myth. 67% of women that were born on or after 1995 that the way things are going right now they are not sure if they will be able to handle the stress at this rate.

Nearly 63% of women said that when they’ve completed all their housework and handled all their family needs they think they have worked all day before even going to the office. 73% of women who either take care of an elder or someone younger agreed to this statement.

While debating about social media women either used the word love or hate no in between. 35% of women said that they will actually give up social media if they get one hour extra each week. To fight stress about 73% women said that they will start working out or add a workout to their normal daily routine even though this could also become a reason behind their stress. While 65% of women said to fight stress they are thinking to stop using social media for a while.

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