13-year old girl murdered her sister and rip her unborn baby from womb out of revenge

A 23-year-old pregnant woman was murdered by her 13-year-old sister. A girl name Fabiana Santana was eight-month pregnant when her sister murdered her and rip her unborn baby from her womb. A 13-year old girl committed this heinous act on the orders of a 35-year old lady who wanted a baby for herself.

Santana’s seven-year-old son also died with her when he tries to save his mother in Porto Velho, Brazil. She had been hit around the head with an iron bar, leaving her face disfigured and knifed to death.

Police said that the girl committed this crime with her 15-year old accomplice. The woman name Catia Rabelo was the mastermind of this plan. After this incident, she was on run but when she was arrested she admitted her crime that she orders the girl to carry out this heinous act. The woman planned to trick her beau who is a gold prospector that she gave birth to a baby. But police locate the baby alive from the house of a 15-year-old boy who helps a little girl in murder.

The child, weighing 3.9lbs, is under observation at Porto Base Old Hospital and is in good health despite his terrifyingly vicious birth.

Relatives reported that the expected mother along with her son was not at home since October 18 and they left home with her 13-year old sister. Three days later Mrs. Santana’s body was found buried in a shallow grave on a vacant plot of land in Porto Velho.

The postmortem report revealed that the woman was alive until her baby was rip from her womb. Her young son was discovered floating on a man-made lake, less than 100 meters from where his mother was buried.

Police chief reported that the 13-year old girl confessed that she commit this brutal act out of vengeance because her sister’s husband sexually misuse her and when she tells her sister she didn’t believe her story.