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Zeina Nassar fights to wear a hijab while boxing

 Zeina Nassar the boxer from Germany has won many titles. Zeina’s urge to wear hijab in the ring old

21-year-old Zeina found boxing after watching some online videos about boxing when she was a teenager. She s a germen young featherweight champion who dreams about achieving the Olympics glory.

At a café in Berlin in the Kreuzberg district, Zeina told the AFP while sipping iced coffee “ it felt like as if I have to prove myself twice because I’m not only a boxer woman but a boxer woman who wears hijab.”

She then said that all of this just made her stronger and giggled.  Zeina’s made-up face is known and recognized by a number of fans on Instagram.

Furthermore, she added that the Tokyo Olympics that are coming next year and also the Paris game in 2024 is what she’s looking forward to.she said with a smile that this is my great dream and my great goal to achieve.

Her dream came into action in February when the international boxing association made some changes in its rules and allowed the Muslims women to wear full clothes to cover themselves and also permitted them to wear hijab in the ring.

Zeina added that when it comes to qualifying as a boxer the conditions for everyone is same. Zeina kept wearing her hijab and wore full-body clothe during her time in the training and also in the competition.

Moreover, Zeina added that while playing only the competition that matters is the ability and not the appearance that how the fighter looks or what they are wearing.

I am super-fast said the 21-year-old boxer. Zeina has achieved a total of six berlin featherweight titles and also a 2018 berlin championship title.

Out of 24 official battles that Zeina took part in, she won about 18 of them. One of the victories includes that of KO which is a very rare type of victory.

Zeina then told that her boxing style is very different and unusual but she is fast and that’s is one of her strengths. She showed some of her moves while stating this.

She also said that it is difficult for her opponent to fight her and laughed.

The german boxing federation changed it’s own rules and put Zeina in the under 22 European championships.

Zeina also knows how to speak Arabic and she keeps visiting Lembongan where her parents are originally from. Zeina told that never in her life the thought arises in her that she needs to take off her hijab just for boxing.

She said that why would I do that? Take my hijab off. She stated that since the beginning it was very clear to her that she will fight in hijab.

In Germany, they have widely accepted women to wear hijab on the grounds of religious freedom.

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