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Women working night or split shift experience negative mental health problems

People who work in diverse workplace or people who have night shifts are more vulnerable to depression, a researched study revealed. Diverse schedules and night shifts disturb the sleep cycle which causes depression.

Researchers observed studies related to work schedules and mental health. These studies involve a total of 28438 participants. Result of these studies revealed that chances of the mental health problem are 28% more in irregular shifts worker than the weekly worker.

A researcher at the University of Exeter in the UK, Luciana Torquati said that shift worker changes the circadian cycle that is our normal sleep-wake cycle. This disturbance in the sleep-wake cycle make people moody and isolate them because their routines are different from their friends and family.

Moreover, Study revealed that chances of depression in night shift worker are 33% more than the people who didn’t have any unbalanced shifts.

In the American journal of public health, researchers revealed that women are more likely to have mental health problems because of irregular shifts. Women who have irregular shifts likely to experience mental health problem 78% more than the women who have regular shifts.

However, men didn’t have any chances of mental health problems when they work in night shifts.

Lead author of this study, Torquati said that we must have a knowledge of the impact of inconsistent shifts on worker health. She said: “Our brain need rest at night to processed and recover all the information during the day. On the other hand, daylight tell our brain to awake and processed information.”

Furthermore, she said that when our sleep-wake cycle disrupt it affect brain functioning. This disturbance in functions cause anxiety, depression, nervousness, mood swings and at the end, it leads towards mental health problems. She said that we must find time for exercise and spend our time with friends and family it improved our mood and limit social isolation.

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