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LSE launched Dr. Sabiha Mansoor’s book women educators

The Lahore school of economics introduced the book “ successful women educators and their impacts on human development in Punjab (1947-1007) by Dr. Sabiha Mansoor on its premises on Saturday.

The occasion ceremony was addressed by the rector of LSE Dr. Shahid Amjad while the Minister of Education Dr. Shafqat Mehmood was invited as the chief guest in the ceremony.

Dr. Fareeha Zafar chaired the panel discussion and the panelist involved Nasreen Kasuri, Dr. Najma Najam, Souriya Anwar, Salima Hashmi, and Khawar Mumtaz.

The book states and identifies the struggles of women rights in detail since independence. It also classifies key characters and behaviors that make “ a women a successful educator” this is all conveyed by engaging profiles of academic achievers such as Priobola Mangat Rai and some non-formal instructors working to improve girls education.

The rector of LSE Dr. Shahid Amjad stated that “ this occasion is very special because LSE has always been a great admirer of the roles women have played in education” he further stated that about around 85 perfect of LSE employee comprise of women.

Salma Hashmi said that “since 1947 it is clear that our women have taken an important part in the country’s development”.

Nasreen Kasuri who is the chairperson of beacon house school system stated that “ most of the teachers employed by Beaconhouse school system are women and that it is common knowledge that women make better educators”.

The chief guest of the occasion Education minister Dr. Shafqat Mehmood said “ women have made a huge amount of contribution in the field of education in our country. He further said that it is a sad fact that due to socio-cultural constraints women are not allowed to work in professional fields.

Moreover, he added that “ currently we are not focusing on opening any more educational institutions or universities because a large number of them are already operative both public and private, however we are focusing on introducing the same syllabus for both public and private educational institutions”.

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