Home Entertainment Jennifer Lopez and Shakira to perform in Super Bowl halftime show

Jennifer Lopez and Shakira to perform in Super Bowl halftime show

Jennifer Lopez the 50-year old American actress, singer and dancer is currently floating on her success because of the much appraised freshly released film hustlers. Jennifer announced on twitter handle with a picture of her and Shakira, adding some emojis that “they will set the world on fire”

Shakira stated “it doesn’t get any bigger than this! so excited about getting on #SuperBowlLIV stage” the news was later verified by the National Football League on Twitter.

Before the duo shared the news standing alongside on twitter. Pepsi tweeted that this is going to be the first time Shakira and Jennifer Lopez will perform together.

In a statement, the vice president of marketing in Pepsi Todd Kaplan stated that “These two remarkable artists are setting a new precedent for what this show can become, and we’re confident that this will be an incredible performance for the ages,”

The game will take place in Miami on 2nd February and the show will be co-produced by Jay-Z’s Roc nation company as a result of a consultation deal with NFL over entertainment content. The league said this deal is a move for the promotion of social justice.

Jennifer was in talks for quite a time now and said back in July “ yeah I have thought about the Super Bowl and this time super Bowl is in Miami, it is a big deal, but we will see they make their own decisions over there”

The duo posted each other’s pictures on Instagram confirming the news with the caption “ this is happening 🌎 02.02.20,”

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This is happening. 🌎 02.02.20

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Jennifer Lopez posted a picture of Shakira with a Pepsi symbol on her arm, and Shakira posted a picture of Jennifer Lopez with a Pepsi ring in her hand.

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Get ready 🌎 02.02.20

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Previous year the super bowl halftime show headlined maroon 5 in the Mercedes Benz Stadium in Atlanta. Travis Scott and Outkast’s Big Boi also performed in the show. Singers like Justin Timberlake, Beyoncé, Rihanna, lady gaga, Katy Perry and Bruno mars also appeared in the show in previous years

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