Anonna brasher, A lady specialized in Art & Craft dreams for her own shop

Anonna brasher’s has specialized in painted canvases, picture frames, flower arrangements, door hangers, themed item, seasonal items, and personalized stuff.

Anonna dreams to have her own shop one day where she could sell stuff like floral arrangements, pottery gift item or any other home décor.

Annona said that “ she would love to do this  and that she just hasn’t prepared herself for this yet “

Currently, she is making the home décor items for friends and family in her home. She also does some online selling at Facebook with the name toocutecreationab, she has an Etsy shop, tooCuteByAnonna and also sells a few things at Delta Daisy In Pontotoc.

Furthermore, She said that “she has always been crafty” she said even in school she uses to miss her recess because her color sheets were never finished. She had to color within the lines and outline the borders, for her everything had to be perfect.

In high school she took an art class,  she said that if she wanted to make something for her room she definitely would make it. This led her to make decorative stuff for her family and friends such as big initials for the front door and coke cans flowers.

“I stopped after I had my son,” said Annona. She has 2 children 7 years old Oaklee and 2 years old Everlee.

Moreover, she told that a lot of people ask her for customized orders, they show her the stuff and ask her if she can make it and she says yes and always add a glimpse of her own creativity into it.

She says that she has been independent even if it is lifting something heavy like door initials she does not wait for anyone to do it. She also said that she taught herself how to use certain tools such as saw, jigsaw, nail gun, etc. just to be independent.

It’s always been trial and error,  sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t say Annona. When I get an order I start working on it readily, she says that she is surprised that there are actually people out there who like her work and want it for themselves. Furthermore, she states that every time she makes something she is a little worried that how will people react and then they say they love it and it makes her feel good.